Best Surface Pro accessories in 2021

The best Surface Pro accessories can range from subtle additions to completely overhauling the way you interact with your 2-in-1 device. The Surface Pro line consists of devices that are fantastic exactly as they are, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for improvement or expansion.

Whether you’re tired of trying to fingerpaint your way to becoming the next Picasso, or you’re looking to maximize the potential of your Surface Pro, there’s a huge library of accessories that contains exactly what you’re looking for.

We’ve sifted through offerings from Microsoft and third-party companies to find the best Surface Pro accessories. While our list can’t contain everything, it’s a broad slice of accessories that improve your day-to-day computing — whether you’re looking to bolster your workstation or keep your device in great condition.

What are the best Surface Pro accessories?

Sometimes, it’s difficult to nail down one item as the best of any given topic, but this isn’t one of those occasions. The Surface Pro Type Cover is, by far, the most essential pick when it comes to Surface Pro accessories. The Type Cover can instantly convert your tablet into a compact 2-in-1 by supplying you with an impressively thin (yet sturdy) keyboard and trackpad combination. It’s a genuine game-changer for how you interact with the Surface Pro and offers an enormous improvement over the onscreen keyboard.

Surface Pro 7 Plus (Image credit: Laptop Mag)

Keep in mind that protecting your Surface Pro is just as important as improving it. The Kensington BlackBelt 2nd Degree is a rugged case designed in cooperation with Microsoft for the protection of Surface Pro devices. With minimal bulk, maximum protection, and the ability to absorb damage from falls of up to four feet, the BlackBelt 2nd Degree is a top-tier choice for protecting your device.

If you’re looking to maximize the potential of your Surface Pro setup, the Kensington SD7000 is a prime candidate. This docking station provides several USB 3.2 ports, an Ethernet connection and supports dual 4K monitors. Along with the right keyboard and mouse, the Kensington SD7000 can transform your Surface Pro tablet into a versatile, all-in-one workstation — if you can get past the $399.99 price tag.

(Image credit: Microsoft)1. Surface Pro Type Cover

Best Surface Pro accessory


Reasons to buy

+Ergonomic incline+Backlit keys+Glass touchpad+Doubles as a screen protector

Reasons to avoid


Touchscreen typing is great for short bursts of productivity (e.g. scrolling through an article or forwarding an email), but it’s not ideal for longer workflows. With no physical feedback on each keypress, it’s difficult to maintain accuracy and speed, hampering your productivity.

This is what makes the Surface Pro Type Cover such an essential accessory for Surface Pro owners. It’s a single purchase that pulls triple duties as a keyboard, trackpad and screen cover. With good key spacing, an ergonomic incline, and the feeling of a physical press on every keystroke, you can enjoy fast and fluid typing in comfort. The bonus of backlit keys also means you won’t be hampered by low-light conditions. Once you’re done for the day, you can simply fold the Type Cover onto the tablet, protecting the screen from damage and conserving battery life.

If there is one must-have accessory for the Surface Pro, it’s undoubtedly the Type Cover. The only thing that may give you pause is Microsoft’s pricing of $129.99. Although it’s steep, it can be all the difference between owning a powerful Microsoft tablet or owning something much closer to a genuine 2-in-1.

(Image credit: Kensington)2. Kensington SD7000

Best Surface Pro docking station and cradle


Reasons to buy

+Adjustable position and angle+Surface Pen holder+Supports two 4K monitors

Reasons to avoid

-Very expensive-Only one USB-C port

There are several docking stations currently available to expand your device’s available inputs. In fact, we’ve put together a list of the best docking stations currently on the market to help you find the dock that’s right for you. While the Kensington SD7000 doesn’t appear on that list (because of its purpose-built design), it is still one of the most interesting Surface Pro docking stations available.

Upon placing your device in the suspended cradle, you can take advantage of five USB ports (4 x USB-A 3.2 and 1 x USB-C 3.2), an HDMI 2.0 port, a DisplayPort v1.2++, a Gigabit Ethernet port and a 3.5mm audio/mic jack. The arms of the cradle are adjustable, with two-position hinges allowing for a decent range of viewing angles and positions including a desk-level height for comfier touchscreen usage. This means the dock remains Surface Pen-friendly, even having a dedicated rest-spot at the side of your docked Surface Pro.

Pairing the Kensington SD7000 with a decent keyboard and one of our best mouse picks will instantly transform your Surface Pro device into a powerful all-in-one workstation. The catch? An eye-watering $399.99 price tag. There are alternatives, including the Microsoft Surface Dock 2, which has more USB-C ports, and a lighter price tag of $259.99. However, none give the same all-in-one experience as the Kensington SD7000.

See our full Kensington SD7000 review

(Image credit: Microsoft)3. Xbox Wireless Controller

Best Surface Pro controller


Reasons to buy

+Bluetooth wireless+Improved D-pad+Comfortable and grippy+Durable build

Reasons to avoid

-Requires batteries

When it comes to gaming on any Windows 10 system — if a mouse and keyboard aren’t for you — there’s no reason not to pick up the Xbox Wireless Controller. The Xbox controller is widely supported by many games and can connect over Bluetooth without any additional drivers. The latest iteration features textured grips and triggers, improved shoulder bumpers, and an upgraded D-pad that is much more in line with the fantastic Xbox Elite Wireless Controller.

The Surface Pro 7+’s Intel Iris graphics capabilities won’t let you push every slider to the right in Cyberpunk 2077, but you can enjoy some light gaming — even if you have to sacrifice resolution and some advanced options.

It’s worth noting, though, that we are approaching the stage where you can enjoy quality AAA gaming regardless of your computer’s specs. Cloud gaming services are becoming more widely used and services like GeForce Now and Xbox Cloud Gaming look like they’re here to stay. So, no matter which version of the Surface Pro you own, as long as you have stable and speedy internet, there’s still potential to make use of one of the best gaming controllers available.

(Image credit: Kensington)4. Kensington Blackbelt 2nd Degree

Best Surface Pro rugged case


Reasons to buy

+Easy kickstand and keyboard access+Built-in holder and tether for Surface Pen+Self-adjusting hand strap+Drop protection up to 4 feet

The Blackbelt 2nd Degree is the brainchild of Kensington and Microsoft. The rugged case packs some serious protection into a frame that doesn’t add unnecessary bulk to your Surface Pro.

Kensington’s rugged case complies with military-grade drop protection and is capable of taking falls from up to four feet without damaging the device. Strategically placed cutouts don’t impede any of the Surface Pro’s ports, jacks, or kickstand, and there’s a self-adjusting hand strap to help you keep a grip on your device at all times. You can still use the Surface Pro Type Cover even with the case attached, and there’s storage and a tether for the Surface Pen to ensure it’s never lost or damaged.

Costing $59.99, the Blackbelt 2nd Degree is one of the toughest and most durable rugged cases for its size and price. It’s available for Surface Pro 4 and newer.

(Image credit: Microsoft)5. Surface Slim Pen

Best Surface Pro peripheral


Reasons to buy

+Ultra-sensitive+Tilt for shading+Wireless charging+Great performance

Reasons to avoid


With 4,096 levels of pressure sensitivity, tilt-to-shade support, and near latency-free results, the Surface Slim Pen is like using a traditional, ink-flowing writing tool. While digital artists and hobbyist sketchers will get a lot of play with the Surface Slim Pen’s features, the device remains accessible to all as a stylus allowing for intuitive navigation, mouse-like interactions, and great handwriting-to-text recognition.

The Surface Slim Pen is the latest model of Microsoft’s Surface styli, now featuring a rechargeable internal battery, wireless charging cradle, and a new carpenter’s pencil design. Not only will this stop any issues with rolling when placed onto surfaces, but it also allows more surface-area contact for magnetic pen holders. There’s also potential for the slimmer design to be easier on the hand, making long stretches of usage a comfier experience.

A hefty $144.99 price tag is attached to the Surface Slim Pen, but if you’re serious about digital art, or you’re just a perpetual jotter, the Surface Slim Pen is one of the best available.

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