Norton Antivirus app now lets you earn crypto — here’s what you can mine

The Norton Antivirus 360 app has a new feature that will delight cryptocurrency nerds all around the world. While running in the background, the security-oriented program will also allow users to mine Ethereum.

The cryptocurrency mining world is filled with fraudulent apps and suspicious programs, so NortonLifeLock (the developer behind the antivirus program) is giving users peace of mind knowing that they’re running a legit mining program while keeping malware at bay (via BleepingComputer).

Norton Antivirus adds Ethereum mining to app

The new mining feature, called Norton Crypto, can be enabled inside the Norton 360 antivirus program. The software will use your system’s GPU to mine for Ethereum; the ETH rewards will be transferred to a Norton cryptocurrency wallet hosted in the cloud.

Norton Crypto (Image credit: Norton)

On top of the cryptocurrency world being a hotbed for malicious mining software, sometimes even the authentic mining apps get flagged. According to Bleeping Computer, NortonLifeLock says that the new Norton Crypto addition allows users to mine for ETH without sacrificing their security.

“As the crypto economy continues to become a more important part of our customers’ lives, we want to empower them to mine cryptocurrency with Norton, a brand they trust,” NortonLifeLock CEO Vincent Pilette said in a statement. 

Norton Crypto will roll out to Norton Antivirus 360 users enrolled in the company’s early adopter program before being made available publicly. 

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