Starfield might launch in 2021, according to reporter

Now that the Xbox-Bethesda deal is finally official, everyone’s attention is turned back to Starfield and when the heck it’s actually coming out, which, according to a journalist, may be at the end of this year.

Venture Beat reporter and often-accurate leaker, Jeff Grub, recently claimed Bethesda plans on unveiling the Sci-Fi RPG at E3 2021 and launching it toward the end of this year.

What’s the Starfield release date?

According to Grubb, Bethesda is attempting to target a marketing cycle akin to Fallout 4, where the company revealed it at E3 and then launched the game within the same year. Since Fallout 4 launched in November, it’s entirely possible that Starfield will also launch in the same month.

Like with anything that doesn’t from an official source, take this with a bit of skepticism. Even Grubb mentioned that the their information might not be accurate if COVID-19 gets in the way of Bethesda’s plans. 

However, to Grubb’s credit, this information also lines up with a ResetEra user claiming that Bethesda was targeting a 2021 release date as well, but that information was accurate as of a “few months ago,” so it’s entirely possible things have changed.

Of course, we’re not sure how the Xbox-Bethesda deal affects this process, either, and whether or not Starfield will even arrive on consoles outside of the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. We’re likely to find out more at E3 2021.

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