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Biden Confirmed Winner In Georgia; Trump Invites Michigan Lawmakers To White House | TODAY


Biden Confirmed Winner In Georgia; Trump Invites Michigan Lawmakers To White House | TODAY

this morning president trump is intensifying his efforts to overturn the results of the election he lost after georgia overnight announced its hand recount reaffirmed president-elect biden’s narrow victory there those results expected to be certified today president trump in an extraordinary move is set to host republican state lawmakers from michigan that he invited to the white house the trump campaign is focused on michigan as it seeks to stop the state from certifying the count where biden leads by more than 150 000 votes we’ve won michigan it’s going to be certified when asked biden denounced the president’s actions as outrageous it’s hard to fathom how this man thinks he will go down in history as being one of the most irresponsible presidents in american history the trump campaign has openly floated the idea of trying to get republican-controlled state legislatures to appoint pro-trump electors who would go against the will of the voters but michigan’s top republican lawmaker has said any effort to overturn the state’s election results is not going to happen a message backed up by the state’s governor we’ve had a free fair and secure election we need to respect the will of the people and we need to certify these results still the president has personally tried to intervene calling two gop canvassing board members who reluctantly certified results for biden in michigan’s largest county that includes detroit the next day the two board members tried to rescind that certification but state officials said it would stand one of the board members telling nbc news the president did not urge her to change her vote all of it is president trump’s attorney rudy giuliani in a bizarre news conference baselessly alleged an unproven nationwide conspiracy of voter fraud in large democratic cities i know crimes i can smell them you don’t have to smell this one i can prove it to 18 different ways but there’s no evidence of widespread voter fraud in giuliani visibly sweating provided no verified proof the answer is i can’t do it because i can’t i can’t put a witness’s life in jeopardy overnight republican senators mitt romney and ben sasse both distressed releasing statements romney writing it’s difficult to imagine a worse more undemocratic action by a sitting american president sas also pointing out that the trump legal team has not alleged fraud in courts because there are legal consequences for lying to judges adding wild press conferences erode public trust we are a nation of laws not tweets and following rudy giuliani’s comments chris krebs the top official tasked with securing the presidential election who the president fired this week called that news conference quote the most dangerous hour and 45 minutes of television in american history this afternoon by the way we’re going to see president trump for the first time all week when he’s scheduled to deliver remarks on prescription drug pricing you



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